Precision Aligner Buttons®

The Only Bondable Buttons Specifically Designed for Clear Aligners

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Orthodontic Buttons—Reimagined

Orthodontists routinely use rubber bands with clear aligners to correct malocclusions. However, we've been attaching the elastics with components created for braces—not aligners.

These auxiliaries often debond or cause irritation because they have a small surface area and are intended for the center of the clinical crown.

As orthodontists ourselves, we envisioned a new type of button that could fit within the aligner cutout windows, like a puzzle piece.

A Perfect Match for Your Practice

First introduced by MidAtlantic Ortho (MAO), DynaFlex® is now the exclusive North American distributor for Precision Buttons®.

Whether you treat using Invisalign®, 3M™ Clarity™, SmileShare™ Clear Aligners or any other aligner system—our patented design gives you a reliable bond due to its large surface area and contour.

Now doctors around the world are reducing their unnecessary emergency patient visits with Precision Aligner Buttons®.

Metal for Molars | Clear for Canines & Premolars

Strength + Esthetics


Created to fit the cutout windows of upper and lower molars.

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Precisely fits the cutout windows of upper and lower canines and premolars.

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Limited-edition! Bring some bling to the back molars.

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Precision Aligner Buttons® give me the peace of mind of a perfect fit every time on every patient lending to greater comfort and fewer failures.

I never imagined Precision Aligner Buttons® could make such a positive difference and impact, but they have!

Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis
Orthodontist, Princeton, NJ
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Fewer Emergency Visits

The innovative features of Precision Aligner Buttons® help reduce your unnecessary emergency visits, saving doctors valuable chair time.

Precise Fit

The shape of the base pad is perfectly tailored to fit the aligner cutout windows.

precise fit
Reliable Bond Strength image

Reliable Bond Strength

The maximized surface area of the base pad prevents detachment.

Developed for Gumline Placement

Instead of the center of the crown, our anatomically-contoured base pad matches the shape of the tooth at the gingival third.

Developed for Gumline Placement image
engineered button head image

Engineered Button Head

Our enhanced button head makes it easy to attach elastics of different sizes, improving patient compliance and comfort.

Perfect Placement

The dimple on the button face is intended for precise positioning using an explorer or scaler.

Perfect Placement image
Precision Aligner Buttons®

Clinical Applications

Indications for Metal Precision Aligner Buttons®

  • Class II Elastic Patterns
  • Class III Elastic Patterns
  • Crossbite Elastics
  • Posterior Vertical Elastics
  • In Conjunction with Carriere® Motion 3D™ (Class II or Class III)
precision aligner buttons on teeth
Invisalign® case courtesy of Dr. Dovi Prero.
precision aligner buttons on teeth
3M™ Clarity™ case courtesy of Dr. Justin Hughes.

Indications for Clear Precision Aligner Buttons®

  • Class II Elastic Patterns (Particularly for High Canines)
  • Class III Elastic Patterns
  • Crossbite Elastics
  • Vertical Elastic Patterns (Triangle, Box, Anterior)
  • Bootstrap Elastics

Works With Your Aligner System

What Experts Are Saying

Trusted by Top Orthodontists

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Precision Aligner Buttons® stay on better than anything we've used in the past. They are the obvious choice for clear aligner treatment.

Dr. Ben Fishbein
Orthodontist, Pensacola, FL
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“We've always had buccal and lingual buttons, but neither were designed with clear aligners in mind. Now with Precision Aligner Buttons®, orthodontists finally have a solution that was specifically engineered to fit the gingival contour of a first molar. Precision Aligner Buttons® go on easy, fit the aligner cutout windows perfectly, and they debond far less frequently because of this. In short, Precision Aligner Buttons® are the obvious choice for doctors using elastics with aligners.”

Dr. Kyle Fagala
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“Precision Aligner Buttons® are the only buttons we use when incorporating elastics with clear aligners. They give me the control and efficacy that I enjoy with elastic button cutouts, but without the emergency appointments.”

Dr. Neal Kravitz
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“The Precision Buttons® have allowed me to use what I want—orthodontic buttons—without the headaches of frequent breakage and it has really changed the way I practice. The low profile and smooth corners provide spectacular comfort.”

Dr. Bryan Lockhart
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The Clear Precision Aligner Buttons® immediately became the only way we bond buttons with clear aligners! Perfectly manufactured, fits great on the tooth, 100% transparent, resistant, resilient and super easy and fast to bond. I can't see myself going back to composite buttons!

Dr. Frederick Berardinelli
doctor hughes headshot

“I love Precision Aligner Buttons®. I use buttons on most of my aligner cases, but always had trouble finding buttons with good bond strength, esthetics, and comfort. Precision Aligner Buttons® have solved all of those problems. These are the only buttons I use now. I use them with 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners as well as with my in-house aligners through uLab™. Now I can focus on getting the results I want for my patients without worrying whether the buttons will fall off.”

Dr. Justin Hughes
doctor prero headshot

“My team and my patients love the Precision Aligner Buttons®. The large bonding pad, ease of use, and the shape make it a perfect match for my aligner patients and a perfect match for my practice. They are truly rockstar buttons!”

Dr. Dovi Prero
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“Regardless of what aligner system you use, Precision Aligner Buttons® provide the most reliable bond due to its large surface area and contour. Hands-down the best molar buttons!”

Dr. Rishi Kothari
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“I have been using Precision Aligner Buttons® for a few months now, and I can truly say I’m impressed. Our bond failure has gone down dramatically compared to the old buttons we used to use. The Precision Buttons® fit perfectly in the aligner button cutouts. They are easy to place and press on the tooth. They also make it easy for patients to hook elastics on them!”

Dr. Danielle Zeifman
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“Precision Buttons® have improved our clinical efficiency by facilitating patient compliance as well as reducing emergency visits. They are a cornerstone of our clinical excellence in aligner treatment.”

Dr. Krystian Jarosz
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“Life is easy with Precision Buttons®. My team ♥️’s them!”

Dr. Rooz Khosravi
Th!nk Innovations

The Inventors Behind the Product

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Meet Precision Buttons® Creator

Dr. Christopher Cetta

Dr. Cetta is a board-certified orthodontist practicing at Blue Wave Orthodontics in Tampa and Bradenton, Florida. He speaks regularly on orthodontic products and innovation and hosts The Illuminate Orthodontic Podcast. In his spare time, Dr. Cetta plays bass guitar for the rock band Mash Bill.

Meet Precision Buttons® Creator

Dr. Richard Kaye

Dr. Kaye practices at Morrone, Kaye & Yucha Orthodontics located in Moorestown and Mt. Holly, New Jersey. He’s a Diamond Tier Invisalign Provider with more than 2,000 lifetime cases. Dr. Kaye is a former clinical instructor at Temple University School of Dentistry and has been published in The Journal of Clinical Orthodontics.

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